November 29, 2015





if you_only_knewkristan higgins white

"What a genuine pleasure to talk to someone as enthusiastic, insightful and warm as Kari! It was like spending an evening with a good friend."

-Kristan Higgins
New York Times Bestselling Author

"If You Only Knew"

a master_plan_for_rescuejanis cooke_newmanwhite


"Talking with Kari was like talking with my perfect reader! She asked all the smart questions I was hoping to be asked, and then some I had never dreamed of. We dove straight into the heart of my novel, touched on every character and big idea, and before I could catch my breath, the time was up! And I would have gladly done it all over again."


-Janis Cooke Newman

"A Master Plan For Rescue"



rebel soulsjustin martin white

"Kari has one of those wonderful radio voices. And she uses it for good - to range far and wide, exploring literature."

-Justin Martin

"Rebel Souls: Walt Whitman and America's First Bohemians"




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Show # 215 – 11/17/15



Peace, Love and Blessings To All.

We'll Return Next Week!

Welcome to Kari Moran’s BookRadio Show!


Each week, you’ll hear about three new and notable


Non-Fiction, Literary Fiction and Self-Help Books


So, speakers on! For an engaging and informative hour of conversations with Kari's Guest Authors



●Peter Navarro


●Hank Phillippi Ryan

●Dr. Mike Dow, PsyD.




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Chapter 1: Non-Fiction


crouching tiger 
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What China's Militarism

Means For The World


Peter Navarro

Author, Professor - University of

California, Irvine's Paul Merage

School of Business

peter navarro


China's Communist regime wants to dominate the Eastern Hemisphere economically and militarily. In "CROUCHING TIGER", Professor Peter Navarro presents the collective insights of 30 experts on China's rise and how its military build-up is making neighboring Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines wary and apprehensive. Beijing is also stirring concern in Washington by reclaiming reefs In the South China Sea and building artificial islands. In addition, China's developed powerful cruise missiles and drones to defend its coast. In response, the Obama Administration launched a "pivot to Asia", sending a guided missile destroyer within 12 miles of a Chinese artificial island and stationing nearly 1,200 U.S. Marines in Australia. Despite concerns about the probability of a conventional war between the U.S. and China, a zero sum game, Navarro also presents a host of steps to avoid it.





Chapter 2: Literary Fiction


what you_see 
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A Jane Ryland Novel



Hank Phillippi Ryan

"Best of 2015" – Library Journal

Multiple Award-winning

Investigative Journalist at

WHGH-TV, NBC Affiliate in Boston

Winner of several prestigious Awards for Best-selling Crime Fiction

hank phillippi_ryan


Usually, when someone is murdered, Homicide Detectives are lucky to find a cooperative witness. But, what happens when a man is stabbed to death amid a crowd of tourists outside Boston's popular Faneuil Hall? Is it possible to have too many witnesses snapping too many photos and videos on their Smartphones?
In her 4th in a series of award-winning thrillers about Ace TV Reporter Jane Ryland and her secret Sweetheart Detective Jake Brogan, Author Ryan explores two themes. Jane must face some of the deepest fears that families face when loved ones are pushed too far and a 9 year old is abducted. And, amid the tourist photos and surveillance video, Jake uncovers a dark conspiracy of extortion and stolen lives. Will Jane and Jake be loyal to each other or their careers? The wrong decision could have deadly consequences.





Chapter 3: “All About e”


The latest e-Book Industry News


Juli Monroe

e-Book Industry Consultant and Networking Coach

1 to_1_discovery







Chapter 4: Self-Help


the brain_fog_fix
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Reclaim Your Focus,

Memory, and Joy

in Just 3 Weeks


Dr. Mike Dow, PsyD.

mike dow




If you're forgetful or feeling kind of "out of it", you may jokingly tell yourself or your friends you've having a "senior moment". Or maybe you're feeling scatterbrained and can't wonder, is it ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? Psychotherapist and Author Mike Dow, Host of shows on E!, TLC, VH1 and more, contends that chronic cognitive and mood problems distress millions of people whose brains aren't working properly. Dr. Dow experienced his own mental misery when, after a relationship break up, he stopped exercising, doing yoga, eating right, getting enough sleep and generally practicing what he preaches to his patients. When he regained optimal well-being, he decided to share his roadmap to good health. It's a 3-week plan that will guide you to the small, achievable changes that will make a profound, positive difference in your life for a better mood, more energy and a joyous spirit!




Chapter 5: The Reader’s Round-up

Kari checks in with Indie Bookstores to ask about this week's most popular books! 

 the book_loft_location


Of German Village

Columbus, Ohio