March 30, 2015

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attitude reconstructionjude bijouwhite


"… a consummate professional and engaging interviewer who confidently guided our conversation to and through the heart of the matter. Talking with Kari is a pleasure."


-Jude Bijou

"Attitude Reconstruction”



rebel soulsjustin martin white

"Kari has one of those wonderful radio voices. And she uses it for good - to range far and wide, exploring literature."

-Justin Martin

"Rebel Souls: Walt Whitman and America's First Bohemians"

the orphanmasterjean zimmerman white

"How fabulous to enter into a conversation with a literate Radio Host, one who actually reads the work and asks questions that are both probing and fun!"

-Jean Zimmerman

“The Orphanmaster”




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Show # 188 – 03/24/15


Welcome to Kari Moran’s BookRadio Show!


Each week, you’ll hear about three new and notable


Non-Fiction, Literary Fiction and Self-Help Books


So, speakers on! For an engaging and informative hour of conversations with Kari's Guest Authors



●Albert Podell


●James Anderson

●Lisa A. Phillips




Click on the Player Below to Hear This Week’s Show






Chapter 1: Non-Fiction


around the_world_in_50_years 
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My Adventure to Every Country on Earth


Albert Podell

albert podell


It may have taken him a half century to do it, but adventurous outdoorsman, former "Playboy" Editor and Attorney Albert Podell is the only person to venture to every country on the planet...including 7 that are no longer in existence. Podell, as co-leader of the Trans World Record Expedition, set the record for the longest journey by automobile in 1965 and co-wrote a best-selling book about it. After crossing 26 countries by Toyota Land Cruiser, he decided to keep train, plane, canoe, on foot and any other way he could to officially visit every nation, finishing his quest with a trip to Angola in 2012. His book is no ordinary travel vividly recounts his surviving riots, revolutions, a near-lynching, horrid weather conditions and meeting the best...and some of the worst the world. It's a frank and sometimes funny, fascinating trip!





Chapter 2: Literary Fiction


the never_open_desert_diner 
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A Novel




James Anderson

james anderson


38-year old Indie Trucker Ben Jones is the lifeline to a cast of quirky characters that inhabit the isolated, eerily run-down place known as Desert Home. It sits alongside Highway 117 in the desolate but beautiful northeastern Utah desert. Ben's delivery business is in jeopardy but he loves life on the open road and comes to love Claire, a mysterious woman he discovers living in a run-down model home. Their affair reignites the devastating memory of a terrible night that occurred 40 years ago at the beautifully kept but Never-Open Desert Diner. Why won't Claire's father, Walt, open for business? Ben discovers why and shockingly learns how the pain that crime created can reverberate across generations.





Chapter 3: “All About e”


BookRadio's Chapter 3 – 

"All About e" will return next week!

The latest e-Book Industry News

BookRadio welcomes

Len Vlahos, Executive Director

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The leading book trade association for standardized best practices, research and education




Chapter 4: Self-Help


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Women and

Romantic Obsession


Lisa A. Phillips

lisa a_phillips


Neuroscientists and Psychologists say it's common for both men and women to experience unrequited love. But knowing that it’s a universal phenomenon doesn't lessen the heartache when the object of your desire won't reciprocate. Society judges women in unrequited love more harshly than men...1 out of 10 stalkers is female. Sixteen years ago, Author and Journalism Professor Lisa Phillips "crossed the line" in passionate pursuit of a man she literally craved to be with. Now happily married with a daughter, she decided to explore the fierce dynamic that compelled her. She offers the latest research and the stories of 30 other women who like herself, experienced unrequited love. They learned that passionately pursuing someone is a psychological affliction that's all about You. It can become an addiction but it can also be a life-changing experience that's good for you, too. You just have to know when to put on the brakes.




Chapter 5: The Reader’s Round-up

Kari checks in with Indie Bookstores to ask about this week's most popular books! 


park road_books_location

park road_books_logo

Park Road Books

Charlotte, NC