February 23, 2020




the brain_fog_fixmike dowwhite


"Kari is a skilled interviewer who helps listeners grasp what books are all about!"

-Dr. Mike Dow

"The Brain Fog Fix"



the cavendon_womenbarbara taylor_bradford white

"Kari Moran did a wonderful interview with me. Many unique questions, and for a change, this interviewer had read my book, "The Cavendon Women". Her charming manner also added a lot to our conversation."

-Barbara Taylor Bradford

"A Woman Of Substance" & "The Cavendon Women"



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"Kari is a total pro. She put me at ease immediately and asked smart questions. She had clearly read my book with interest and care. Particularly with the dwindling print media devoted to books, the literary world is fortunate to have BookRadio."


-Janice Steinberg

"The Tin Horse"




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Show # 168 – 10/27/14


Welcome to Kari Moran’s BookRadio Show!


Each week, you’ll hear about three new and notable


Non-Fiction, Literary Fiction and Self-Help Books


So, speakers on! For an engaging and informative hour of conversations with Kari's Guest Authors



●Jonathan Eig


●Christina Baker Kline

●Joel K. Kahn, M.D.




Click on the Player Below to Hear This Week’s Show






Chapter 1: Non-Fiction


the birth_of_the_pill 
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How Four Crusaders Reinvented

Sex And Launched a Revolution


Jonathan Eig


jonathan eig


If you're a woman born after 1962, you've never lived in a world without Birth Control pills. Before "The Pill", women were enslaved by their biology, expected to marry and bear children if abstention, spermicides homemade condoms or clumsy, even dangerous vaginal devices failed. Today, 100 million women around the world are taking the Pill to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But, the development of an oral contraceptive that would be safe, effective and affordable took decades of relentless activism, scientific experimentation and funding to finally get FDA approval in 1962. Learn how a free-loving crusader joined forces with a maverick scientist, a Roman Catholic gynecologist and a wealthy activist to develop The Pill...an invention that transformed the world.





Chapter 2: Literary Fiction


orphan train 
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A Novel

Originally Podcast December 30, 2013

NY Times Best-Seller


Christina Baker Kline

christina baker_kline


In 1853, an estimated 30,000 children were living on the streets of New York City. Thousands more were abandoned, neglected or orphaned in other East Coast cities. Over the next 75 years, a controversial social experiment was implemented to transport an estimated 200,000 children on "Orphan Trains" to farming communities in the Midwest. The pretext was adoption and many children were. But many more were just what farmers needed – free labor. This is the story of one of those orphans -- Irish immigrant Virginia Daly. Her odyssey takes her from a New York tenement to Depression-era Minnesota to modern-day Maine where, as a 91-year old wealthy widow, she forms an unlikely friendship with a teenaged rebel who's been in and out of a dozen foster homes. They discover they have a lot in common, including resilient, loving hearts.





Chapter 3: “All About e”


BookRadio's Chapter 3 – 

"All About e"

The latest e-Book Industry News


BookRadio welcomes

Len Vlahos, Executive Director

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The leading book trade association for standardized best practices, research and education




Chapter 4: Self-Help


the whole_heart_solution 
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Halt Heart Disease Now

With The Best Alternative

and Traditional Medicine


Joel K. Kahn, M.D.

joel kahn


What simple, inexpensive things can you do to avoid having a Heart Attack, a Stroke or developing High Blood Pressure? Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the Western world, killing someone in the U.S. every 35 seconds. Preventative Cardiologist Joel Kahn tells Kari that more than 75% of these fatalities could have been prevented by following his holistic, "Whole Heart" approach to life. Dr. Kahn provides more than more than 75 actions you can take to prevent Heart Disease or reverse the damage caused by a lack of exercise, a junk diet, toxic stress, negativity and social isolation. Among his "Whole Heart" prescriptions: take all-natural supplements, drink your veggies, walk barefoot, visit a sauna, eat slowly, and keep a move on!




Chapter 5: The Reader’s Round-up

Kari checks in with Indie Bookstores to ask about this week's most popular books! 

sundance bookstore_logo 

sundance bookstore_location


Reno, Nevada